Friday 23 September 2016

Band Homework Sept. 26

Grade  6
  1. Practice page 6 & 7 Standard of Excellence  Use CD to hear notes.
  2. Practice first three notes as whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.  Begin this after band on Tuesday.  We will go over the exercises in class.
Grade 7
  1. Practice page 42 Standard of Excellence Concert B - flat and E - flat scale.
  2. Practice page 39 - 40 the Excellerators.  You do not need to practice all of them at once.  Just work on a few every day. 
  3. Page 36 & 37 There is a solo piece for practice.  You will be tested on this piece of music in the beginning of December.
  4. Work on 25 or 6 to 4.  This is the piece we are working on in class. 
The more each student practices the better the sound they will get out of their instrument.  Keep working hard at practicing. 

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